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Hosted APT Repo pluging - Support PUT in addition to POST so maven-deploy-plugin and maven-wagon-plugin can be used


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      Hi, I tried this first in the wrong project (find it hard to find out which one is right). Is it placed correctly here?


      As was already requested on GitHub (https://github.com/sonatype-nexus-community/nexus-repository-apt/issues/114), the hosted APT repository plugin needs to support uploads using the PUT method to allow deployment via maven-deploy-plugin or maven-wagon-plugin (which both do not support PUSH uploads). The only way I have found up to now to deploy APTs from our Jenkins build server is using curl with hardcoded credentials in a post-build step in the jenkins project. Doing this with maven would be oh so much mor convenient and secure.

      This looks quite straight forward to me, but from the comments of the requester of the github issue it looks like it might be a bit more involved than it looks.

      I would very much like to try to contribute this, but can sorryfully not offer the time for setting up a dev and test environment. I've also not yet found instructions on how to contribute code to this project.

      I'd be very gratefull if someone got get this running. And I'm sure there are more people needing this to use the APT repo function of Nexus.

      Thanks & best regards,





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