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add a supported method to restore individual soft-deleted assets ( restore from trash )


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.0.0, 3.19.1
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      Use case provided by a NXRM 3 admin:

      I know Nexus 3 has the notion of "soft delete", whereby when deleting a blob, it is removed from the internal database, but not from the blob store, until a "Compact blob store" task is run. But this is hardly equivalent to a trash can as restoring a soft-deleted blob is not easy. This feature is more a performance optimisation.

      It should be possible for the trash can to be stored in external storage such as an S3 bucket (independent of the actual blob store used, which could also be on S3, or not). The contents of the trasch can should not be indexed in the internal database (OrientDB) so that its size remains under control and is related only to "active" assets, and so that upgrade times remain speedy, even when database adjustements are required.

      The Nexus UI should allow browsing the trash can in order to restore deleted components, but no actual searching (since the components would not be indexed in the internal database).

      If such a feature would be available, we would definitively make use of it in combination with repository cleanup. We would allow ourselves to implement more aggressive cleanup policies (either using the built-in cleanup features of Nexus 3, or using a home-made tool which we developed before the built-in cleanup features were released) and back ourselves up with the trash can feature in case we suppress components which are still needed down the road. We would purge only oldest entires in the trash can regularly, say those which were deleted (put in the trash can) 6 months or 1 year ago.


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