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Docker tree view rendering is confusing



      There are confusing issues with Docker repository tree view rendering that need to be triaged:

      Regarding Nodes displayed for Docker Repos

      • /v2/blobs/ node is created - this node apparently will contain every blob ( layer,manifest ) in an entire repository?
      • /v2/(image name) - there is one of these per unique docker image name, as a peer to /v2/blobs??
      • /v2/(image name)/manifests/ - children of this node shows sha256 identifiers per manifest AND tag.
      • /v2/library/(image name) - this library node exists for a docker hub proxy repo as library is the default qualifier if none specified in docker land. This is confusing when comparing docker hosted and docker proxy repos by themselves or inside a group repo.

      Regarding Search Compared to Tree View Differences

      Users are confused with how Search UI and the legacy Browse feature showed tagged docker components only, whereas tree view attempts to show every docker blob/asset. At least one user was expecting that the search UI and tree view both allow you to find similar 'things'.

      Delete only a tag name asset in tree view ( not blobs or untagged manifest), then the corresponding search result ( component ) is removed completely from Search.

      Go to Docker Search - select a docker component and click Delete Component. This only deletes the tagged docker asset AND leaves the manifests and all layers alone. *Running a Purge unused manifests and images task manually is required to clean up the now untagged manifests and layers.*

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Set up a quick interview w/ some Docker users to better understand expectations around tree use w/ Docker (cc Shade Solon [X])
      • Add components to the tree view (to make it easy to delete everything associated with a given Docker image)


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