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configurable repodata depth for yum proxy repos



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.14.4, 3.5.0
    • Fix Version/s: 3.6.1
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      The yum client commands and yum configuration files support dynamic variables:

      This is replaced with the package's version, as listed in distroverpkg. This defaults to the version of the redhat-release package.

      This is replaced with your system's architecture, as listed by os.uname() in Python.

      This is replaced with your base architecture. For example, if $arch=i686 then $basearch=i386.

      The yum client can use these variables to dynamically construct the final URL of the repository from which to download yum metadata - for example in yum.conf:


      The advantage from a client perspective is a more flexible configuration.

      Using Nexus 2.x Yum support or Nexus 3.5.0 Yum Proxy support, a Nexus administrator needs to create a single Yum repository for every combination of dynamic variable. This is because Nexus will only expect repodata at the root of the remote URL value of a proxy repo or at the base of a hosted repo.

      This is not ideal since repositories are heavyweight and the management of these many repositories is not scalable if a repository is made for every unique variable combination.

      Instead it should be possible to create a single Nexus repository that supports any unique combination of URL form used by the client at a specific depth. The base URL from the Nexus administrator perspective would be simply http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/ and the administrator would configure a depth at which they expect the metadata about what is in the repository will be stored/calculated.

      Client configures baseurl=http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/$releasever/os/$basearch/
      Nexus has single yum proxy repo at http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/ with a repodata metadata depth of '3' ( 3 path parts ). So metadata will be accessible under http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/$releasever/os/$basearch/repodata/*

      Client configures baseurl=http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/$basearch/$releasever
      Nexus has single yum proxy repo at http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/ with a repodata metadata depth of '2'. ( 2 path parts ). So metadata will be accessible under http://nexus:8081/repository/yum-proxy/$basearch/$releasever/repodata/*

      Note: this scheme does not mean repodata within a single Nexus repository can be at multiple depths - you would still need to create more than one repository per depth


      • Support repos at a configurable depth inside a single aggregating repo
        • When we generate metadata, it's at the correct depth
        • Ensure we're only invalidating theĀ appropriate metadata when content changesĀ 


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