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no obvious method to set UI request timeout



      Nexus 2 had a UI timeout default of 60 seconds. This was often adjusted to prevent UI rendering problems when the server needed more time to do work and return information.

      Nexus 3 does not expose such a setting and we have no published information as to what the default is.

      I'm guessing it is 60 seconds based on some forced testing with Charles proxy.

      However, there appears no published way to change the UI timeout value in Nexus 3. The UI: Settings capability has a ping timeout, but that is the check to see if the server is alive, which is not the same thing. Server can be alive, but a particular type of request may be slow.


      • document the UI timeout default value
      • document what to do if the user consistently sees a UI timeout ( help article ) in Nexus 3 ( ie. help us fix the real problem )
      • provide some configurable method to adjust the timeout value in cases where that is the only reasonable solution to avoid problems using the UI
      • Do not migrate the UI timeout from NXRM2 to NXRM3. This value is recommended to be changed only in specific performance issues that may or may not exist in NXRM3. Whatever the default UI timeout is in previous 3.x versions, that should be maintained.


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