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Issue with multiple staging repositories



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      I am trying to push a new version of our code.

      Unfortunately I think the cluster I am using is changing IP addresses as I submit files so it is creating a set of staging repositories for each IP address instead of just a single one. This is all for the same group-id and artifact.

      In the other thread I found about this (https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/OSSRH-5454) it stated that if you just closed all the repositories it would be fine and the same as just pushing them from the same staging repository. I just wanted to confirm this. I am a little concerned because files for the same jar are being split across staging repositories.

      For instance stanford-chinese-models-3.6.0.jar will be in edustanfordnlp-1035 and stanford-chinese-models-3.6.0.jar-md5 will be in edustanfordnlp-1036. I just was hoping to get some feedback if you guys felt it will work fine to just accept the multiple staging repos and just close them all.

      I am submitting files with maven-gpg-plugin:sign-and-deploy. If someone happened to know what option to set to push them all to edustanfordnlp-1036 for example that could also resolve this issue.

      On my end I will try to find a setup that doesn't have this IP issue. Thanks for any help!




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