This ticket is meant as a sort of inquiry, as we have doubts regarding the groupIds we should use to register several 3rd party projects.

      I have read [] , and it happens that we re going to upload several projects that have lots of dependencies, and 3 or those dependencies have the following characteristics:

      1. For one of them, the source code cannot be found. The original site (web and svn repository) no longer exists (archived here ), and its author(s) cannot be found. This case seems clear, but I d like to be sure: the thing to do would be to register the artifact with its original groupId, and uploading releases with face -sources.jar and -javadoc.jar (as it is explained here [] ) ?

      2. In another case, the source code was provided and we made some modifications (additions mostly) to it. LGPL license, its original author seems to have lost track of the website and email contact under which the project was published (here Would be more reasonable here to use a groupId with a different namespace, one of ours, considering that the current project we want to register is some kind of fork?

      3. Finally, there is case similar to the previous, this one under Apache license. The project is still hosted in (here and has a read-only svn repository… but again no way to contact the original author. And here we didn t make any modifications so it cannot be considered a fork in any way. Is it proper to use the original namespace, or would be better to use a different one?

      Thanks in advance.




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