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      I have a project I'm working on that needs to be pushed into Maven Central. The project currently resides in our own hosted Archiva. I'm currently going through the following guide:

      The problem I'm struggling with at the moment is how to structure the project requests. I have two major group IDs:

      These are both listed in our Archiva repo. The other dependency that's not in maven central is jmockit. Since I don't own that dependency, I was planning on using the 3rd party upload service:

      com.force.sdk depends on com.force.api. com.force.sdk also depends on jmockit. Should I create two projects for each of the major group IDs and upload com.force.sdk first? Can I create a single project that encompasses both com.force.sdk and com.force.api? At what point should I upload the 3rd party artifact?

      Thank you very much for your help.


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        Comment [ you only need to create one OSSRH project with groupId com.force, then you will be able to deploy any artifacts of groupId com.force.*

        you should upload 3rd party dependencies before you release your own project, to make sure release artifacts synced to central having all its dependencies in central as well.

        juven ]


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